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WARNING! If you are abused, viewing this website from your home may not be safe. Please take steps to clear your computer's memory and/or use a friend or public computer. To get more information for staying safe you can call 1-888-812-2218 or email us at www.casag@mcmo.net.                                                                                                     ESCAPE

Casa Guadalupe Domestic Violence Shelter is a 24 Hour residential facility offering the following support services to women and children survivors of domestic violence:    

  • Safe shelter and motel placement
  • Court Advocacy
  • Referral to Counseling Services
  • 24-Hour Hotline and Crisis Intervention
  • Referral to Children's Services
  • Assistance in finding housing, health care, education, job training, food, clothing, and furnishings
  • Art Therapy

Casa also provides community outreach through the following services:

Casa Guadalupe Contact Info:

JoAnn Dawson, Director

PO Box 417
Ellington, MO 63638

HOTLINE: 1-888-228-8122
Office: 573-663-2766
FAX: 573-663-2766

Email: casag@mcmo.net 

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